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We seek to invest in “Essential” companies that sell “Necessity-Based" products and services historically needed during all economic environments.​

​​All properties must meet stringent requirements developed over decades by the Fund’s principals, including: ​

  • Tenants are “Investment Grade” rated or of comparable credit quality.


  • Tenants selling “Essential", “Necessity-Based" products and that have successfully withstood the 2008-2009 financial crises and the COVID-19 pandemic.

  •  Locations are diversely and analytically selected in actively growing suburban markets across the United States. 


  •  Long-term lease of ten years or more with contractual rental increases.


The Importance of Diversification:


​This portfolio seeks to include inherent diversification on two levels:*

  • Geographic Diversification: Properties are geographically dispersed throughout the United States based on their market demographics, specific growth requirements and expansion trends.

  • Industry Diversification: Property candidates are strategically diversified by type of industry in which they operate: distribution/industrial and fulfillment centers, healthcare facilities, cellular providers, grocery stores, pharmacies and other “Necessity-Based,” “Essential” service tenants.​

As a layer of risk mitigation, the Fund seeks to own the underlying real estate, which can be re-leased or sold depending on the market conditions.

* There is no guarantee that these objectives will be realized.

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