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IGRE Investment Grade R.E. Income Fund, LP is a Regulation A, Tier Two offering open to both accredited and non-accredited investors.*  IGRE considers all investors in designing an "Institutional Quality” portfolio, and seeks a 6% preferred annual return paid monthly by acquiring properties with long term leases backed by "Investment Grade" tenants. *Non-accredited investors will be subject to certain restrictions. See Offering circular for details.

Historically, "Institutional Quality" investments were only available to banks, insurance companies and wealthy investors. IGRE is among the first real estate Investment Fund to offer this proven investment strategy to all investors, whether accredited or non-accredited.​*

IGRE is led by a group of experienced commercial real estate professionals, who collectively have more than 80 years of experience and have transacted more than $10 billion in commercial real estate investments.​

​Key Investment Criteria:

The potential for preferred return, paid monthly, subject to funds availability.

​​IGRE seeks an annual preferred return of 6%, paid monthly.* By comparison, other conservative investments, and most fixed income programs such as Corporate Bonds or savings accounts, currently yield annually between 0.5% to 1.5%. Of course, they bear significantly less risk.

The Potential for long term gains.

In addition to potential for a reliable preferred return of 6% throughout the life of the Fund, investors will participate in any profits from property appreciation and contracted rental increases upon sale, further adding to their profitability potential. Once assembled, we believe the Fund's portfolio will be an attractive acquisition target for larger REITs and other institutional buyers. Key attributes of the Fund, including (i) high credit quality of our tenants; (ii) the “Essential” industries in which they operate; and (iii) the broad geographical diversity of the Fund’s assets, create the potential for above-market valuations at sale.

*There is no guarantee that this objective will be realized.

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