​Today’s investors find themselves in a quandary: Interest rates have dropped to historic lows while savings accounts and fixed income investments generate little income. Meanwhile, stock market volatility is uncomfortably high, which puts investment capital at risk.

Investors often diversify their portfolios by investing in Certificates of Deposit and Corporate Bonds. Unfortunately, these investments are correlated to public markets causing their prices to fluctuate and creating extreme volatility. Additionally, their average yields are only approximately 1% annually.


How Do You Strive to Maximize Returns while attempting to Mitigate Risk to Your Principal?

IGRE has an option worth considering: a Targeted Investment Fund that selects properties with diversity and balance as needed for an “Institutional Quality” portfolio. Both require conforming to a strict set of guidelines, which has been developed over decades by our firm’s Principals. Properties are carefully selected in areas that demonstrate growth in population as well as the industry in which the tenant operates.

The tenant focus is on recognizable, name-brand national companies selling  “Essential”,  “Necessity-Based" products that are historically in demand, particularly during an economic downturn or crisis.

The offering seeks a 6% preferred return, paid monthly from an “Institutional Quality” commercial real estate portfolio subject to availability of funds.

​Safety & Security:  Tenants must have “Investment Grade”  credit ratings, or be of comparable credit quality, with leases backed by their parent companies.


Property Profiles:  We invest in diverse industry categories, such as fulfillment and distribution centers, grocery stores, healthcare companies, cellular carriers, home improvement stores, and other necessity based services.