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Advisory Board Charter


Overview of IGRE


IGRE Capital Holdings, LLC (the "Company") has been formed to democratize the private equity and direct investment industry so as to bring investment products otherwise reserved for high and ultra high net worth investors to non-accredited "main street" investors.  The Company accomplishes its goal by leveraging recent changes in state and federal regulations with the goal of creating and distributing a variety of investment products to include without limitation real estate funds, private equity and debt financing vehicles.


The Company is committed to building a successful and lasting business and is currently in the process of raising capital for its first fund, Investment Grade R.E. Income Fund, LP (“Fund I”) with plans of launching two additional funds. The Company’s focus is to raise equity capital efficiently, acquire and manage quality properties conforming to our investment criteria, and deliver on promises to our investors. 


Advisory Board Summary:

To direct its endeavors, the Company has formed  an Advisory Board consisting of subject matter experts in their respective fields to include without limitation, law, accounting, real estate, data analytics, market trends, product development, marketing and distribution. 



The Advisory Board will meet periodically but generally not less than semi- annually. Meetings may be held in person or virtually. Advisory Board members will typically consult on general business matters as a group, but may also provide specific individual or ad-hoc advice in which the member has significant experience in his/her respective field. Advisory Board members shall be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred when participating in meetings provided that such expenses shall be pre-approved by the Company to be eligible for reimbursement.



Advisory Board members are selected and approved by the Company's Board of Directors as consultants only. Accordingly, they are neither employees, officers, nor directors of the Company. They are not agents of the Company and therefore do not speak for or otherwise represent the company.  Their sole duty is to provide consultation to the Company as directed by the Board of Directors. Accordingly, the management of the Company rests with its officers and Directors and the Company is not obligated to accept or act upon the recommendations of the Advisory Board.



The Advisory Board shall have not less than three individuals selected by the Board of Directors. Each member shall serve until removed by the Board or until such time as the member resigns. The Board of Directors shall have the authority, in its sole and absolute discretion, to remove any member of the Advisory Board at any time for any reason with cause or without cause.

Current Company Goals and Objectives:


  • Expand Selling Group,  increase distribution and capital raise.

  • Define Company brand and marketing strategies.

  • Project and develop Company needs so as to scale with anticipated growth.

  • Strategic plan for subsequent launch of Fund II and Fund III.

  • Evaluate opportunities for additional asset classes or products to include DSTs, Interval Fund, Reg D among others.

  • Identify additional sources of capital to include institutional investors and potential strategic partners.

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